Who Framed Roger Rabbit Taglines: A Playful Peek Behind the Animated Mystery

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Taglines A Playful Peek Behind the Animated Mystery


Released in 1988, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is a cinematic masterpiece that seamlessly blended live-action with animation, bringing to life a world where cartoon characters coexist with humans. Beyond its groundbreaking visual effects and compelling storyline, the film is also remembered for its clever and catchy taglines that added an extra layer of intrigue and excitement to the movie’s promotion. In this article, we’ll take a playful peek behind the taglines of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and explore how they contributed to the film’s charm.

1. “It’s the story of a man, a woman, and a rabbit in a triangle of trouble.”

This tagline sets the stage for the film’s unique blend of genres, hinting at a narrative that combines elements of mystery, romance, and humor. The use of the word “triangle” adds a touch of complexity, foreshadowing the entangled relationships that unfold in the movie.

2. “It’s the human, a toon, and a whole lot of trouble.”

Building on the theme of unlikely partnerships, this tagline introduces the central characters – a human, a toon, and the promise of trouble. It captures the essence of the film’s plot while highlighting the comedic potential of a toon character navigating the real world.

3. “This ain’t no cartoon.”

A clever play on expectations, this tagline challenges the notion that “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is just another animated feature. By emphatically stating that “this ain’t no cartoon,” the tagline invites audiences to expect something beyond the ordinary, setting the stage for the groundbreaking combination of animation and live-action.

4. “Here’s a real who-dun-it in three dimensions.”

Marrying the classic elements of a mystery with the innovative use of three-dimensional animation, this tagline cleverly plays with the genre conventions. It promises not just a whodunit, but a “real who-dun-it” with an added layer of visual spectacle.

5. “It’s the story that proves laughter is back in action!”

Emphasizing the film’s comedic elements, this tagline positions “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” as a return to the joyous and laughter-inducing tradition of animated entertainment. It hints at the film’s ability to elicit genuine amusement while also recognizing the broader context of animation’s resurgence.

6. “It’s the adventure of a lifetime in a world of Toons… and beyond.”

This tagline takes audiences beyond the conventional boundaries of storytelling, hinting at an adventure that extends into realms beyond the ordinary. The mention of a world “beyond” suggests that viewers are in for a cinematic experience that transcends the typical animated feature, adding an element of wonder and excitement.

7. “On the trail of a murderer, Eddie Valiant gets caught between a rock and a hard place.”

This tagline introduces the film’s protagonist, Eddie Valiant, and sets up the central conflict of the story. By using the metaphor of being “caught between a rock and a hard place,” the tagline communicates the high stakes and challenges that Eddie faces in his pursuit of justice, enticing viewers with the promise of a gripping narrative.

8. “It’s the match of the century.”

Here, the tagline adopts a sports metaphor, framing the conflict within the film as a monumental matchup. This choice of language not only adds a layer of excitement but also emphasizes the epic nature of the story, suggesting that the clash between humans and Toons is a significant event with far-reaching consequences.

9. “This movie is about sex, the second oldest thing known to man.”

In a more provocative tagline, the film’s creators playfully acknowledge the adult themes woven into the narrative. By referencing the age-old concept of sex as the “second oldest thing known to man,” the tagline adds a touch of cheeky humor, inviting viewers to expect a film that doesn’t shy away from mature and nuanced storytelling.


The taglines of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” served as delightful teasers, inviting audiences into a world where animation and reality coalesce in a thrilling, mysterious, and humorous blend. Each tagline, with its unique blend of wit, intrigue, and playfulness, contributed to the film’s allure and set the stage for an unforgettable cinematic experience. As we reflect on these taglines, we see not just clever marketing but also a testament to the creativity and innovation that made “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” a groundbreaking and enduring classic in the realm of animated cinema. Even decades after its release, the film’s taglines remain an integral part of its legacy, continuing to evoke smiles and curiosity among those eager to revisit the magic of this cinematic gem.

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